First Official Entry!

When Paul is writing the Ephesian church, he calls the body of Christ to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.”  This word “walk” is used many times in scripture and is almost always synonymous with “how we live.”  In other words, “as you are walking” is the same as “as you are living.”  Paul was so serious about this that he risked and suffered being thrown into prison because of it.  So he challenges each of us to live in a manner that is “worthy” of this calling, this adoption, this holiness.
One of the cornerstone scriptures that we use at Immanuel is Ephesians 4:3 – we are “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”  Unity is a very serious issue here.  Not that we all have the same feelings or the same opinions, but what we have is room for healthy debate and accountability.  There are two words in this passage that we many times overlook.  The first one is “maintain.”  Do you realize that we do not create unity?  We are commanded to preserve the unity that God has already established.  So, if we do not protect that, we have ruined what He has created.  The second one is “peace.”  This is the glue that holds us together because it is so intertwined with love.  A peaceful spirit/attitude is one that is anchored in the love of Jesus Christ.  Not weak, but strong love that expresses and demonstrates how we live.

One response to “First Official Entry!”

  1. Kathy Allen says :

    Wow, honey, you expressed unity and peace so well. I have always said that God has gifted you with the ability to confront situations with the greatest of wisdom and grace. After living with you these last 37 years I testify to the fact that you strive to walk in a manner worthy of your calling! Your wife, Kathy

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