I spent the first half of this week with a wonderful group of volunteers cleaning out a long neglected resource room. Over the years, more and more stuff had piled up…to the point that what had once been a useful space became the exact opposite–a room that was of no use to anyone.  It was no longer fulfilling its purpose.

As we worked to clear and reorganize the room, I was reminded of how cluttered we allow our lives to become. So often we fill our lives and the lives of our families with things that, while useful and good for us, cause us to become too busy and our lives to become messy, keeping us from fulfilling the purpose God has for us. We, like that resource room, are no longer able to serve our purpose.

Take a look at your life today.  Has it become cluttered? Do you find that you are so busy that you aren’t spending time with God each day as you should? Have you allowed other activities to take the place of spending time with the family of faith in discipleship and fellowship? Does it feel like serving God is just one more thing on your ever-growing to-do list?
Spend some time in prayer.  Ask God to show you the things in your life that are keeping you from fulfilling His purpose.





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