Always There

From the tiny birds of the air 
and from the fragile lilies of the field 
we learn the same truth… 
God takes care of His own….
and at just the right moment 
He steps in and proves himself 
as our faithful heavenly Father.
–Charles Swindoll
Do you have a good friend who is “always there” for you, even in tough situations…even when you’ve turned your back on them? 
Why is “being there” for each other an important part of any relationship?
People often describe good friends as those who are ALWAYS THERE.  Though that might be true in some cases, God really is ALWAYS THERE for us regardless of the situation.  Whether we have been obedient and are walking in His ways or we are running from Him, God is always there.  HE IS FAITHFUL!
Jonah 2:1-2 tells us From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God.  He said:
”In my distress I called to the Lord, 
and he answered me.
From the depths of the grace I called for help,
and you listened to my cry.”
So…where was Jonah when he cried these words…(hint: I highlighted it in red). And why was Jonah inside the fish? 
Jonah was inside the fish because of his disobedience to God’s call.  But even in the midst of Jonah being disobedient, God was faithful. 
In the midst of deadlines, homework assignments, sporting events, work, meetings, preparing dinner, and everything else that swallows every second of every day, it’s easy to let your relationship with God slide.  But God desires for you to make your walk with Him a priority. 
There’s a saying that goes something like this: Jesus is all you need.  But you will never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.  When Jesus is all you have, you will then realize that Jesus is all you need.
Even when he had nothing left in life, Jonah discovered that God was there and was faithful.  And when God was all he had, God was all he needed. 
God, forgive us when we treat you as though You are not here.  Thank You for always “being there” when I need You! Amen.

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