Following the Leader

On Saturday, I was driving one of our new buses through the mountains of New Mexico. We took lot of winding, out of the way roads that took us through beautiful mountains, lovely fall trees, and by a gorgeous river. As we drove through the mountains, every once in a while someone would ask me what road we were on or where we were. I would have to answer truthfully that I had no idea. I was simply following the bus in front of me. I knew that I didn’t have to worry about what road we were on, where we were, or where we were going because I knew that Jimmy was driving the bus in front and that he knew exactly where we were and where we were going. I could trust his leading and simply follow. I knew that if I stayed right behind him, I wouldn’t get lost and we would arrive at our destination.

In the first chapter of Mark, he tells us that Jesus came up on Peter and Andrew’s boat and called out to him, “Follow me.” He did the same thing when he reached James and John. All four men left everything and followed Jesus. And they continued to follow him for about three years. All this time, they didn’t know where he was leading them (even though he tried to tell them). A lot of the time, they didn’t know exactly what was going on, but they knew that they could trust Jesus. They simply followed where he led. It wasn’t an easy road and they didn’t always understand why he was leading them to the places they were going, but they kept following anyway.

Jesus asks the same thing of us. Even though we may not know where he is leading us, we can trust his leading. It’s not always easy to follow him. In fact, most of the time, it’s pretty difficult. And a lot of the time, we want to ask those same people that the passengers on the bus were asking me. Where are we? What road are we on? Where are we going? What time will we get there? But even though we want to ask all of those questions, and often do, we can always trust that the direction Jesus is leading us is what is best. We may not understand it at the moment, but we can still trust Jesus and keep following wherever he leads, because when we reach the destination, it will always be worth it.




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